In NH we value that everyone lives freely, but that means ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to thrive.  We know that organizations strive to ensure this opportunity by providing high quality services that are accessible to all in NH – yet achieving this can be challenging. Many of us have simply not had access to training about an effective approach that would turn our goals into broader success.

The good news is that a roadmap exists; the Culturally Effective Organizations (CEOrgs) Framework is the roadmap that enables, cultivates, and supports the delivery of high-quality services for all people.

This work group is focused on supporting organizations to learn about the essential pathways for success.

Check out the Culturally Effective Organizations Framework Online Digital Toolkit, which includes a webinar that provides an overview of the toolkit, to assist on the journey to becoming a culturally effective organization and providing high quality services for all.

Join us! The Culturally Effective Organizations (CEOrgs) Work Group meets the afternoon of the fourth Tuesday of the month from 1-3pm. For further information please contact the work group chair, Trinidad Tellez, in the Office of Health Equity: or (603) 271- 8557.