Our Priorities

The H&EP workgroups are organized around the Partnership’s three current priorities focusing our collective efforts to advance our shared vision,
“Everyone in NH Has a Fair Opportunity to Live a Long Healthy Life”.


Culturally Effective Organizations:
Increase organizational cultural effectiveness and improve the capacity of organizations to provide high quality services to all populations (especially racial, ethnic and linguistic minorities) by incorporating the elements of a culturally effective organization.

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Diversity and Cultural Competence Workshop and Train the Trainer:
Successful culturally effective organizations offer continuous learning and professional development for staff to support patient- and family-centered care and services.

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Workforce Diversity:
Increase a diversified work-force to support economic opportunities for Racial, Ethnic and Linguistic minorities and all populations.


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Race, Ethnicity and Language (REaL) Data: 
Increase capacity for the collection of high quality REaL data across all systems at the state and local level to identify disparities and promote utilization of data to inform improvements, policies and procedures.

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Our Approach

Good health is based on a combination of individual, family, community and environmental factors. And right now, certain communities in our state have poorer health outcomes than others because of structural barriers to good health.

We are working to remove these barriers and open pathways to good health across New Hampshire communities


Our Partnership

The Vision of the H&EP is Everyone in New Hampshire has a fair opportunity to live a long, healthy life.

Our Mission is to increase the success and effectiveness of public and private initiatives that work to promote health and equity for racial, ethnic, and linguistic minorities, and address the determinants of health through the collaboration of partners, leaders, and stakeholders committed to action within New Hampshire.