Diversity & Cultural Competence Workshop

The H&EP’s Diversity & Cultural Competence Workshop is an interactive, experiential training that will allow participants to explore the concepts of diversity and culture, and recognize personal values, beliefs, and biases.

At the conclusion of the 6 hour facilitative training, participants are able to:

  • Explain the similarities and differences between “diversity” and “culture”, and how they relate to their work,
  • Identify their own cultural attitudes towards communication, appearance, time, authority, and work habits,
  • Describe how their cultural attitudes impact their daily interactions,
  • Identify behaviors that indicate a lack of cultural competence and those that indicate skill in cultural competence,
  • Explain the importance of cultural competence in their work.

The 6 hour workshop can be offered all at once, or broken into 2 or 3 modules.

Successful culturally effective organizations offer continuous learning and professional development for staff to support patient- and family-centered care and services. Learn Compelling Reasons for Cultural Competence.

The Diversity & Cultural Competence Workshop is offered by facilitators from our network of qualified facilitators who have been through our 40 hour Train-the-Trainer training.  Connect with a facilitator to learn how you can integrate cultural competency skill building into your new hire orientations, monthly/annual lunch & learns, and annual competency-based performance evaluations.