This priority is to “increase the capacity in NH for the collection of high quality REaL data across all systems at the state and local level to identify disparities and promote utilization of data to inform improvements, policies and procedures“.

Even before we had an entity called the “Health and Equity Partnership”, partners have been working to raise awareness of the importance of accurate REaL data collection.

Our predecessor Medical Interpretation Advisory Board (MIAB) data group began working on this in 2005.  Since 2011, our H&EP Data Subcommittee continued these efforts under the leadership of Kris McCracken from the Manchester Community Health Center.  Thus, it was no surprise that at the H&EP’s last full Partnership convening in 2016, participants identified REaL data collection as a priority, leading to the creation of the work group that continues work on this issue.

In 2019, our H&EP REaL Data Work Group’s efforts focused on finalizing the work group’s logic model and reviewing existing resources to inform development of training materials.  Members determined it would be helpful to compile and/or create materials around the following three topics:

  • The importance of REaL data collection and use;
  • Existing guidelines and standards for the collection of high quality data; and
  • Best practices for training staff for accurate data collection.

The REaL Data Work Group is currently not active.  For information please contact Dr. Trinidad Tellez or email